5 Proven Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home

With the housing market in bloom, homes all over the country are appraising at higher-than-average values. Many homeowners are taking advantage of this to move to areas previously not within their budget or profit off their higher appraisals and move somewhere less expensive. Regardless of your intentions for doing so, these five proven ways to increase the value of your home are sure to benefit you in your home appraisal endeavors.

Update Your Appliances

The appliances in your home help new buyers feel they are getting their money’s worth if they purchase your house. New dishwashers, microwaves, fridges, and laundry machines suggest a high quality of life reflected in your home’s value. More importantly, if your appliances are energy efficient, this helps save a lot of money in the long run.

Though these appliances save costs over time, an appraiser doesn’t overlook energy efficiency when noting every benefit they can find in your home. Home appliances play an especially large role when the buyer considers them an upgrade from what they currently own. In which case, the newer the appliances are, the more likely they appeal to future owners. While functionality is important, aesthetic choice never hurts, and the more modern your home looks, the better it is for the end price.

Fix Up Your Curb Appeal

A home’s worth comes from multiple factors that include more than the interior. If a home is perfect on the inside but looks rundown on the outside, it will reduce the value. People do not want to see a house and immediately have a negative impression of the space before they ever step inside. At the same time, feeling like you must accept a plain-looking exterior for a well-designed interior is not an appealing sentiment to many potential buyers.

Instead, consider upgrading the landscaping of the front of your home. Items like floral arrangements, pathways, trees, and lighting fixtures all play a part in how your home presents itself the moment someone sees it. Replace or fix any damaged shingles and siding on your house to help increase its overall appearance.

Upgrade Your Finishes

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact on a home’s value. The flooring, woodwork, paint, and plastering will all sharpen the look of your interior without requiring a complete renovation. Though some of these additions are quite an investment, they more than make up that value when it comes time to sell the house. Something as simple as a new coat of paint on the walls freshens up the place and ensures potential buyers that they are purchasing a well-maintained and modern home.

Replacing anything that looks outdated, such as old, bowl-shaped lamps that hang in hallways or outdated fixtures in the bathroom, can mitigate the need to make larger renovations. Many people are surprised by how different the home can look with a few minor replacements and upgrades.

Modernize Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Two of the most treasured areas in a home are the main bathroom and kitchen. These are areas people living in the home and guests regularly use. When buyers walk into these areas, they think of what daily living will be like for them in the home. Upgrading the amenities and modernizing their style becomes a large factor when increasing the price of your home. Though these upgrades can often come with a hefty price, these rooms provide the greatest return on the money you put in. When it comes to your renovation budget, save some money by doing the simple labor yourself and hiring professionals for the more complicated tasks. The more money you save, the more rooms you can change while still within your budget.

Introducing a wide-open basin sink for the kitchen is perfect for those who seek more room when doing the dishes. This easy quality-of-life change is immediately noticeable to those who do not already have one. Also, upgraded cabinets and island finishes offer an easy way to transform and update your space. On the other hand, bathrooms have begun to trend toward walk-in showers and large soaking tubs. These luxuries are always welcome in a new home and are excellent to be competitive with other similar-sized homes that have not stayed modern through the years.

Invest in Your Entryways

One often overlooked aspect of a home are the doors. Depending on how much you invest in them, these entryways turn from typical accessories to finely crafted works of art. Custom carved doors tell buyers that you did not skimp on any aspect of the home. The finest detail in a wooden door is sure to be noticed and appreciated, and buyers will pick up on the quality of your house. If the doors are given attention in the home’s design, you’re already a step ahead.

When it comes to getting higher than the normal valuation for your property, doorways are something that doesn’t always get changed in a house. Take advantage of this face when you are developing your renovation strategy. By elevating the quality of the lesser noticed areas of the home, you are more likely to stand out from the homes in your area and price range. The more wood doors that can follow the same pattern or design, the more they’ll help enthrall new visitors into and through your home to see what it has to offer.

As the prices of homes remain high, it is not a bad idea to stay with what you have. However, for those looking for a change of pace or to make a large profit, these five proven ways to increase the value of your home are sure to help. These projects do not have to happen overnight. Often, small changes come one at a time and add up slowly but surely. Take pride in your home. The work you put in will likely pay off in the future.

5 Proven Ways To Increase the Value of Your Home