Selecting the Best Finish for Interior Wood Doors

The numerous factors that go into interior home design often pile up and become a series of stressful tasks to undertake. During the process of overthinking the more noticeable parts of your home’s design, you may miss some of the smaller details. Selecting the best finish for your interior wood doors will allow your entryways to shine without worry.

What Kind of Protection Do Your Wood Doors Need?

When it comes to selecting a particular finish for your wood doors, don’t discount your local environment. Your wood doors may be inside, but weather conditions and even insects play roles in what the wood doors have to go through on a daily basis. By considering the kind of wear you expect through the years, you set up your entryways to last longer in the end.

How Much Sun Exposure Do They Get?

The reaction between wood and sunlight results in the discoloration of the wood and overall lower quality. Though this happens over a long period, it’s important to keep in mind when you’re choosing the finish of your prefinished interior oak doors. The location of each wood door may affect your final decision, but if you’re aiming to collectively match your wood doors, then going for a UV-resistant finish is the best option.

Varnish or Paint?

The finishes you’re likely torn between probably fall into one of two categories. Varnishes are mainly mixes of oil and resin, which wood can absorb. On the other hand, paint coats the top layer of your wood doors. Both require consistent maintenance to retain their appeal, but paint is more likely to dry out, discolor, and chip, especially in constant sunlight. The main cosmetic difference to consider is that varnish retains the pattern of the wood, while paint covers it almost entirely. You’ll need to reapply varnish every 2 years, while paint can last upward of 5 to 10 years.

The interior doors of your home are wonderful works of craftsmanship that deserve the attention of any homeowner. By selecting the best finish for your interior wood doors, you’re sure to be satisfied with the result. Though there are different ways of reaching the same result, the method that matters the most is what you prefer. Make your home a beautiful scene to admire, from the design to the finish of your entryways.