Are Solid Wood Exterior Doors Energy Efficient?

Keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer is an ideal state to maintain in your home. The less need you have to use your air conditioning or heater, the lower your electric costs become overall. While several factors come into play with this, the exterior doors of your home are one of the first barriers to consider. These are some good things to know for those wondering if solid wood exterior doors are energy efficient.

Best Type of Wood

When determining how energy efficient your exterior doors are, it is important to know the best kinds of wood for those needs. Normally, thick hardwood species are ideal as they allow for fewer means of leakage via drafts or heat. The more solid the wood type, the less likely similar issues will become a future problem. Mahogany, cedar, poplar, and knotty alder are excellent for exterior wooden doors.

Ability To Insulate

Wooden doors lack airtight characteristics compared to non-natural materials such as fiberglass or metallic doors. Naturally, this comes at the cost of losing out on the unique design and personality of the home. For those looking for a more stylish and personal touch, wooden doors are normally popular, despite minor difficulties in insulating the home.

Means of Improving Insulation

While wooden doors are not as apt as other doors for energy efficiency, there are several ways to remediate their situation. Weather strips go between something like an arched wooden door and the frame to reduce the space between the parts. Improving the bottom area like the door sweep and spraying foam in gaps are additional methods to achieve better results.

While wooden doors are not at the top of energy efficiency, they come with their own merits while being fully capable of catching up. The means are plentiful, and results are best achieved when different methods are combined. For those aiming to maintain the beauty of their home while still insulating it, it’s good to know how energy-efficient solid wood exterior doors are for you.