When Classic Craftsman Doors Meet New Home Designs


At Nick’s Building, we have been providing doors of all types to customers across the United States and Canada since 1999. Our focus has always been on providing classic door designs that are always in style.


Unlike some manufacturers, we don’t spend our time on trendy designs and options, we only used styles we know you will want to have on your home or business for years to come. There is nothing worse, as far as we are concerned, in providing a door to a customer that won’t look as stylish and elegant in 20, 30 or 40 years or more as it does on the day it is installed.


The Classic Look of Craftsman Style


A great example of this is our Craftsman doors. These have the clean lines and classic look dating back to the early part of the 1860s. The original Craftsman designs were developed from the British Arts and Crafts Movement, a change in design from the fussy and ornate look for Victorian style decorating and design.


The British Arts and Crafts movement and the American Craftsman design style are solid, minimalistic types of styles without appearing bulky or heavy. The key elements we build into our Craftsman doors are the same ones that made this style distinctive when first brought to the USA in 1897 by a group of Boston-based architects and designers.


The design was featured at the American Arts and Crafts Exhibition in April of 1897 and included wood, glass and metal objects. These designs were depicting what was to eventually become known as the Craftsman style.


The Key Components


We offer a range of different traditionally based styles of Craftsman doors. Our doors allow you to have the same beautiful natural wood as the originals, and we even have the dentil shelf, which is one of the hallmark features of this style.


However, we also provide some styles without the dentil shelf, or as an option to the design. With your choice of different glass options, you can add a modern touch or go very classic and antique with the style, thus giving you a range of different looks.


When you choose our Craftsman doors, you will also be able to consider a single or double door style, or perhaps even adding sidelights to give a more open space and provide additional light to the interior entrance. These options add to the original look, and we are sure you can find just the look you want with our selection.