The Practical Side To Mahogany Doors

While our mahogany doors are always crafted to add maximum visual appeal to the exterior or interior of your home, there is more to these doors than just a beautiful look when new.
Unfortunately, a lot of other wood, fiberglass, and even steel doors simply don’t stand up to the wear and tear you can normally expect in your home. Of course, if you have young children or have a lot of events and gatherings at your home, doors can get banged up and damaged fairly quickly.

At Nick’s Building Supply, we have always used only the best in raw materials to create our amazing custom and in-stock doors. We only make and sell doors, and we have over 30 years of experience in creating beautiful, durable and incredibly beautiful doors for any home interior or exterior.
Why Mahogany?
If you shop around for interior or exterior doors, you will see companies using all types of different wood varieties. We use mahogany and alder as our most common door materials, but we also have some teak and other exotic woods as well.
Our goal in choosing the specific wood varieties, including the production of our mahogany doors, is to choose wood that will last and retain its beauty. We don’t choose soft woods that are at risk for damage from even minor impact. We understand your home is lived in and not a showroom, so you need beauty and durability combined.
The Design Factor
Unlike some wood varieties, mahogany can blend into just about any design and any color scheme imaginable. The finer grain and the hardness of the wood allow it to be carved and custom designed. The different stain options provide everything from a very natural look to a deep, rich and dark color to make a definite statement.
This is true for both exterior and interior mahogany doors. Our customers often choose to start with an exterior door of mahogany, and within a short period of time they are back to replace all their interior doors.
Care of Mahogany Wood
Mahogany wood, on doors, furniture or cabinets in the home, is a very low maintenance wood. It can be cleaned with a damp, but not soaking wet, cloth and then wiped dry with a lint free cloth.
It can be refinished as necessary, but with our custom finishes at Nick’s Building Supply you will find both interior and exterior doors are very long lasting. Just a quick wipe is all you will need to keep our doors in top shape for years.