Simplifying Your Choices For Exterior Doors On A Budget

Everyone wants to have beautiful exterior doors at the front and back of their home, and also to their patio or deck area. However, we realize for many homeowners home improvements and upgrades can seem cost prohibitive.
This is why at Nick’s Building we provide not only top quality doors, but also some amazingly low-cost doors in everything from beautiful entrance doors to overhead wood garage doors. It is essential to choose these doors for more than just the price. Often a very low price on a door is a signal of low quality, poor craftsmanship and even very low-grade wood and materials.

Shop for Quality
Since exterior doors are always going to be exposed to moisture, sunlight, wind, heat and even salt spray, choosing quality is actually a cost saving factor when on a budget.
Low-cost doors, many which may be steel doors, can quickly rust, fade and discolor when exposed to combinations of environmental factors. Even some types of pollutants in the air can cause discoloration of metal materials used for exterior doors both in the home and the garage.
Choosing only quality wood for all our doors, we offer our customers a very durable yet beautiful door. Our doors will last for years and will not require constant care or the need to keep replacing them.
Compare Prices and Options
Besides pricing, which will vary greatly based on the quality and the actual style of the door, you can still find a lot of options on our models of exterior doors. Different stains, different wood and even different configurations of doors, transoms and sidelights can create a different look unique to your home.
We also provide the option to choose the type of glass in the door, which is a great feature to consider if a view or if privacy is more of a priority. Our three-point locking systems or multi-point locking systems provide all the security you need.
Look for Clearance
A great way our customers can find exterior doors at a very reduced price is to keep checking our clearance doors. These are often overstocked doors or custom door orders that may have canceled after we started working on the project. We also have fully refurbished doors on our clearance page as well as older brand new doors. Shopping our clearance page can save you hundreds of dollars while still providing you with the beautiful exterior door you have always wanted.