Tips For Designing Custom Doors

With over a million doors in stock, we are sure we have just the right door for everyone. However, there are a lot of our customers who have ideas for slight modifications to our existing doors or completely original designs they want for their home.
When this is the case, Nick’s Building offers custom doors. We help you to design. From this design, we create your door in our own shop by our experienced woodworkers and craftsmen.

These doors are truly works of art built to last for decades. We can help with all aspects of the design of the door, or we can take your drawings and ideas and turn them into a reality. Getting started on designing your own interior or exterior custom doors starts with just a few decisions and a clear idea of what you want.
Choose a Theme or Style
Most of our customers have a very particular theme, design or style of door they wish to create. This is helpful as it allows our designers to have a general idea of the look of the final product. For example, if you want a rustic knotty alder door with wrought iron features, the design team already has a good understanding of what aspects of the door you are looking for and which will not be a good match.
You may want to combine features or styles of doors you have seen as well. If this is the case, you can send us images, websites or photographs, and we can work to incorporate the design elements you want to pair together on your custom door.
Decide on Glass and Wood
We can provide custom doors in different types of wood and with a variety of different styles of glass. Of course, some custom doors may be designed as solid doors without glass while others may include a large area of glass with caming and different textures and designs within the glass.
The wood we recommend for custom doors is often African mahogany, knotty alder or alder, as well as teak. These wood varieties are naturally resistant to outdoor environments and can be stained and finished in colors from light to dark.
Select a Finish
Finishes or colors on custom doors are really the final touches. Selecting the right color for your door is a personal choice, but also needs to work with the overall color theme and design of the home.
We recommend you allow us to professionally finish and seal your door before it leaves our shop. This ensures your door is protected and arrives ready to install without any additional work.