The Elegance Of Copper Doors

While copper doors may not be the most common type of entrance door, they are a beautiful addition to any home. They are used as either a replacement for a current door, or as the door of choice in a custom design.
They add a touch of old world class and distinction, but with our designs they can also be completely modern and unique in their look and style. The versatility of the metal makes it a perfect option for customized doors and one which will certainly last a lifetime.

The History
There is a long history of using copper as a building material, and at Nick’s Building we have added to our line of exterior custom doors with this material. It may be surprising to many of our customers to realize that copper is one of the oldest metals to be mined and processed by humans, dating back to the earliest days of the Egyptian civilization.
In fact, copper has been used in everything such as coating the temple doors of Amen-Re, which is located at historical Karnak in Egypt. Historians report the great doors were covered with copper and then inlayed with figures and symbols in silver and gold.
Other historic buildings, including the Loha Maha Temple in Sri Lanka used copper in its construction, but this time not on the doors but rather as a roofing material. The Florence Cathedral in Italy features copper on the dome, and also is home to some of the most beautiful bronze doors in the world, with 28 individually crafted panels on the main entrance.
Today’s Options
Today, copper is still used to create cupolas, spires, and even gutters, but its real beauty and elegance is found in the copper doors we create. These designs can be simplistic and minimal to allow the beauty of the metal to take center stage. They can also be uniquely patterned, designed and textured to create just the look you want.
There are many advantages to choosing this material over even the most durable of wood doors. Copper is naturally insect and water resistant, and it is also highly impact and damage resistant, which is why you will see copper used on commercial buildings and high traffic types of entrances.
In addition to all the beauty copper doors provides, at Nick’s Building Supply we understand they are also an investment in the value of your property. These doors will be the only entrance doors you ever need to buy for your home, and that makes them well worth the investment in anyone’s book.