Ideas For Modern Takes On Classic Wood Garage Doors

At Nick’s Building Supply we create garage doors and entrance doors which have a classic look but integrate the latest in technology, design and features. This includes our wood garage doors as well as the doors we sell for the interior and exterior of your home.

Choosing a door with the classic, traditional or timeless style doesn’t mean you have to give up on features and convenience. In addition, choosing stylish door doesn’t mean you can’t have all the benefits of wood. However, finding wood doors at a garage in a big box hardware store or even in your local building supply outlet may be more difficult than first imagined.
Many of the hardware stores now only stock fiberglass, aluminum or steel types of overhead garage doors. These tend to be the very traditional looking sectional doors with the horizontal panels. They may or may not have window panes or lites including with the design and they will be only available in standard sizes and colors.
Classic Styles
Our wood garage doors, on the other hand, are custom built to fit any size of garage door opening. We offer both stained wood doors as well as paint grade for any home.
Different styles can include overhead door openers or the option to roll open or swing open depending on the preferences of our customers. With the option to build to suit your needs we can literally complete any configuration you require to give you the features and the look you want.
Carriage style doors or rustic wood doors are very popular on any garage. They add an extra touch of class and style and really make a statement on wood, stone or brick homes, or with a ranch or estate style of architecture.
Lightweight and Durable
When people hear of wood doors for a garage they often make several mistakes or assumptions which we can easily correct. One mistaken belief is wood doors are heavy and hard to manage. Naturally lightweight Alaskan cedar and Sitka spruce frames doors are very strong while also extremely durable, but easy to open and close.
With our professional staining and finishing team the wood garage doors we make are weather resistant and durable, must less prone to damage than other garage door options. This makes them a great addition to any home and garage and one which will certainly stand up to the test of time.