Add To Your Home With Round Top Doors

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Nick’s Building Supply is having the ability to take something ordinary, such as a typical entrance door, and create a completely different look without the need to renovate the entire front of your home.

A very popular option in changing the look of an entrance for many of our clients is to choose round top doors instead of traditional square tops on the doors. Round tops are different and interesting in their design but they also have a strong association with craftsmanship and building excellence.
The History
While many people assume rectangular shaped doors are the historical shape, this is not actually true. In fact, arches or round tops were used in most construction during the early times because of the structural security of the arch.
In castles and for bridges and even homes stone was the traditional building material, especially in Europe. Stone blocks were cut with an arched shape on the top to sit on top of each other to form the frame or arch in the wall. A central stone, known as a keystone, literally locked the shape in place.
This structural security and load bearing ability would not have been possible with a square or flat top on a door frame with stone construction material. The round top doors fit snuggly into the arch to provide a secure closure to the door opening.
Use Today
While modern construction no longer requires the complicated arch and keystone method of providing structural stability, round top doors continue to be a symbol of craftsmanship and elegance.
They can be designed to look very traditional or they can be extremely modern in their design. With their longer length and the gentle line of the arch, they are a perfect match for a home with a small or large entrance and can be used as a single or double door option. Many of our customers are surprised at how much bigger their door looks with the round or arched top, even if it is the same measurement in width.
Different wood used in the construction of round top doors also adds to the overall look of the home. For example, a Knotty Alder wood will provide more of a rustic, country or estate type of look the front entrance while a mahogany gives an elegant and more formal appearance.
We have an excellent selection of round top or arched doors in stock. We also provide fully customized doors to create just the look you want.