Choosing Interior Doors For Wine Rooms

More and more people are choosing to turn an old bedroom, walk in closet or even a larger storage closet into their own personal wine room. This is a great idea for a wine collector or someone who just likes to have a good selection of their favorites on hand. At Nick’s Building Supply we have several doors which are perfect for wine cellars, including one specialty door which is a very popular option.

Creating your own wine room doesn’t have to be costly or even a lot of work. However, you will need to consider specific types of features, including the right interior doors, to keep your wine stored in the best possible conditions.
The Size
The size of the wine cellar or wine room will be a factor of how many bottles you want to store and if you want it to be an area to display your wine and sit down and enjoy a glass.
If you want a combination room, consider choosing wooden wine bottle racks to both store and display your wines. You can also choose interior doors, paneling and molding which can be stained the same color or made from the same wood to create a beautiful flow in the design of the room.
For those customers who already have their racks and shelving stained, we can match any stain on our interior doors right from our manufacturing facility. This ensures your door will blend in perfectly with the wood in use or, for a very modern look, you may want to consider choosing a complimentary color for the door.
The Door and Window Issue
While you may see wine on display in restaurants and in the stores in brightly lit areas, ideally for wine storage the room should be dark most of the time. Choosing a solid design of interior doors without windows will provide this level of protection from light.
The other alternative, and one which adds a touch of elegance to the room, is to choose a wine cellar door. These doors can have a custom window with a decorative theme and black glass, effectively creating the best environment without having to limit yourself to just a plain wood door.
Shaker and Mission styles doors with their sleek lines and panels are also popular options, we have in inventory for any type of wine cellar. With their traditional look and clean lines they work with a traditional design or a more modern tasting room look for your wine room.