Double Doors For Double Duty

While you may see doors just as a way to get in and out of your home, at Nick’s Building Supply we see doors as more than just a practical aspect of your home. Yes, they are primarily there to give you a secure, safe and effective way to enter and exit, but they are also a way to add value, beauty and design to your home.

This is true for both interior and exterior doors. We find many of our customers have the same idea, which is why our selection of double doors is so popular. They really do a double duty, both as a safe and secure doorway as well as true statement about the design and décor of your home.
Interior Door Options
We have some amazing styles of double doors which are perfect for the interior rooms of your home. They are great between a kitchen and a living, dining or family room area. When they are open they literally open up the two rooms. When closed they provide a sound barrier and also give a room a cozy but not closed in look.
Interior French doors can open outwards from the middle or they can be designed as bypass or even folding doors. These are the perfect option for our customers with smaller rooms where traditional inward or outward opening doors may limit design opportunities.
Exterior Doors for Size and Design
Needless to say exterior double doors made of wood and designed to match the entrance of a home are a value added component to your home. Not only do they increase curb appeal, but they also make the interior entrance of the home much more open and inviting looking.
These larger sized doors are perfect as estate or mansion types of doors but we also have designs which are a great addition to a smaller sized entrance and home. Choosing a particular style which looks light and open is perfect for smaller spaces while a more solid and formal looking door is the perfect match for an estate home.
Our idea in creating double doors for the interior or the exterior of the home is to bring out the beauty of the wood and have it enhance both the door design as well as your room. With our inventory and our ability to custom design doors, we can develop the perfect set of these practical yet beautiful double duty doors for any space you need.