What To Consider In Prehung Doors


Typically, for a homeowner who currently has an exterior door, the most logical solution to a new door is to choose from any of the prehung doors we have for sale. These doors are relatively easy to install but for most homeowners hiring a carpenter to do the job is the best option.


We sell all our custom made exterior doors as pre-hung doors. This means the door will arrive to you exactly as it will be installed. Everything will be in place including the threshold and the side lights, as well as the frame. We will even put the caulk all around the door so you don’t have to worry about any weather issues from the first minute it is installed.


While we sell our exterior doors as prehung doors all ready for simple installation, this is not true for all companies. To help you to understand what you are buying when you buy exterior doors online we have put together a list of questions to ask before you buy.


What is Pre Hung?


While this may seem like an obvious question, lots of companies selling doors online show pictures of the doors which are ready to install. Then, when the doors arrive to you they are in pieces, including the frame and the additional elements such as sidelights or the transom, leaving you to put it all together.


Not only is this more of a challenge but there is also a greater chance some element or part of the door or the frame will be damaged in transit. Our packaging stands the test of time and we ensure the door is very well protected before it leaves our location.


Types of Materials


We provide specific details of the construction of all our exterior prehung doors on our website. Our doors are designed to be highly energy efficient and have all parts engineered to provide a solid, secure door which will last for a lifetime of exposure to all types of weather conditions.


With engineered styles and rails, a stabilized center core on 1¾ inch thick panels, a rubber expansion chamber to prevent warping and ¼ inch laminant ,our doors are designed to last.


If the information about the door design and construction is not on the website be sure to ask. We believe in making shopping and comparing easy for our customers, but we are also here to answer any questions you may have before you buy.