Upgrade Your Entrance With Double Doors


Making a front entrance larger is the goal of many homeowners. This is particularly true for our customers with an older home who are planning a full exterior renovation or upgrade.


At Nick’s Building we find the addition of double doors makes a major difference in the exterior and interior look of the home. Not only do the doors themselves make a statement, but we have the ability to create a unique look with sidelights and transoms to truly transform the front of your home into a showcase.


For many of our clients choosing to move from single doors has other advantages as well. It allows our customers to show their personal taste and style and also provides them with the opportunity to choose a custom designed door. This custom designed door, especially in the double configuration, is impressive to say the least, but it is also unique to their home.


Extra Space


There is a very practical aspect to choosing double doors as well. For families who do a lot of entertaining, having the extra space for guests and visitors to come and go is always appreciated.


Additionally, for busy families that are always moving sports equipment, groceries, and people in an out of the home, the extra space in the doorway can help to avoid scratches and damage to the door. This decreases the maintenance and keeps it looking in top shape even with very heavy use.


For homes where a person may need help to get around, including those where people are using scooters, wheelchairs, or walking devices, the extra space in the doors allows more ease of movement. Space and comfort in walking and moving is something that is always important to consider.


Add Natural Light


As we mentioned above, adding the transom and the sidelights will add to the natural light inside the entrance. However, it also adds to the overall look of the home from the exterior.


Keep in mind the sidelights and transom will also provide beautiful, soft light in the evening, giving a very special look to your home when interior lights are on. With different styles of these additions, your double doors will be beautiful any time of the day or night and will make your home look inviting and welcoming.


At Nick’s Building, we offer the option to custom design double doors or to choose from our wide selection of pre-hung exterior doors. These are a great addition to any home and one which will make a big difference to the look of your property.