What Should You Know About Wood Doors?

When people are looking for great doors for their new or existing home, many feel that they should avoid getting wood doors. Sure, these doors will work inside the home, but many feel that a wood exterior door would not work very well. However, it is possible to have wood exterior doors that will look great and add a gorgeous touch to your home. Let’s look at what you should know about these doors before you make your decision.


It Will Need A UV Finish


One of the most important things to look for when buying a wood door is whether or not it will come with a UV finish. A UV finish is vital to wood doors because it will help keep the staining from fading over time due to the sun. This helps with lower maintenance and allows you to not stress about making sure your door is holding up well with the sun. Many companies use UV finishes, but it is always a good idea to ask before you make a purchase. Sometimes UV finishes will also help with things such as rain, keeping it from soaking into the wood, therefore protecting the door.


Do Wood Doors Hold Up To The Elements?


They do hold up to the elements surprisingly well. However, it is best to make sure your exterior doors are under an archway or have some sort of covering to protect it. This will help it last significantly longer and help it withstand the elements better than it already does. A covering for your door will also help withstand it the harmful sunrays.

Less Likely To Get Cold, Bringing Cold Air In


One problem people have with steel doors is that they can become cold quickly in the winter months. This makes it difficult for people when they are attempting to lower their energy costs and output. Many will find that, even though they get energy efficient windows and practice other energy efficient methods, they will still have higher bills in the winter. The main culprit is the exterior door and how cold it gets. A wood door is less likely to get as cold as a steel door, and it will be a great barrier to the cold air with proper weather-stripping. It will also keep all of the warm air inside the home.


In Closing


If you are looking for a great door for your residence, wood doors are a wonderful option. As you can see above, they are durable and will help immensely with your energy bills. They can even help in the summer months. Consider purchasing these doors for your home to add a gorgeous touch and make it look classy.