Ways to Save Money with Wood Garage Doors

You may be very surprised to know that it is possible to order beautiful natural wood overhead garage doors at prices that are significantly lower than you may think. When staying on a budget is important, but you still want the beauty of wood garage doors, we have a few tips and ideas we would like to share.

Long-Term Value

Perhaps one of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing wood doors over aluminum, vinyl, or other materials is the lifespan you can expect from these doors.

With our quality wood garage doors, either the paint grade or the doors that are constructed to be stained and allow the natural beauty of the wood to show through, you will have a set of doors that will last a lifetime. With typical use and without some type of accident happening to the doors, they will stay secure, beautiful, and strong for as long as you have the home.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about lower quality, alternative material types of doors, which can dent, twist, and rust. And even with routine touch-ups, they will need to be replaced over time, particularly with heavy use.

Shop Sales

At Nick’s Building Supply, we routinely run a variety of sales, often seasonal, to provide a lower price on selected styles and models of our doors, including garage doors.

Occasionally, we also offer clearance sales, allowing us to move out older stock and bring in new styles. This allows our customers to buy our top-quality wood garage doors at a discount, something that we know our customers enjoy.

In addition, since you can shop directly from our showroom or online, our prices don’t include the extra dollars that are typically added on at home supply or building stores. We are able to pass on the savings of not having a middleman directly to our customers.

Shipping and Finishing

Two other ways to save money on the cost of wood garage doors is to look for a company that offers reasonable shipping prices. Some companies offer lower sales prices but then charge a lot more for shipping, so be sure to check out both prices before deciding which is the best option for your budget.

It is also essential to consider the finishing options. We can fully finish and seal all our wood garage doors before shipping, ensuring they will be resistant to water, humidity and insects, in addition to having top UV protection from the day they arrive. This helps to reduce the need (and cost) of having this done by another company once the doors are delivered.