Mixing Existing Designs with Custom Doors

If you are renovating an existing home or perhaps building your dream home from a custom design, choosing each detail of the construction or renovation is all part of the process. While people may be very familiar with the option to customize specific elements of the design from the kitchen counter tops to the types of windows, they may not even be aware that there is an option to order custom doors.

At Nick’s Building Supply, we have a whole team of experts to help you create the perfect door for your home. We realize that even though we have over a million doors in stock, you may have difficulty finding one door with all the features and design components that you need.

Starting from Scratch

For some, the easiest option is to simply create a drawing of what you would like, particularly if you know what you are looking for. You can be very detailed or just give our designers the basics, then they will take your drawing and create a CAD (short for computer-aided drawing) that will actually be to scale, giving you a model of what the final door will look like.

This typically takes a day or two, and then we will email or fax our drawing back to you so you can continue making modifications until you get the design you want. Once you are satisfied with the drawing, we can provide a quote and, with approval, we will get started in the creation of your custom doors.

What can be Customized?

With our experience and expertise in door manufacturing, we can truly provide all the customization that you require. This means you can select the size of the door, its shape and even the design of the wrought iron work for the door, transom and sidelites, if they are part of your design.

We can also make suggestions to you based on our extensive history of designing and manufacturing amazing custom doors for clients all over the country. We can suggest a type of artisan glass to consider, or perhaps offer an option for the best type of wood to use to ensure you have a door that will stain to the specific color you want.

The goal in all of our custom doors is to create the perfect door for you and your home. This is something we take great pride in accomplishing. To get an idea of what we can do, spend some time browsing our gallery or get in touch with us to talk to a door expert.