The Benefit of new Craftsman Doors

As with all traditional and historically significant type of design and style, people often assume that the only option to have these types of designs is to try to track down an original. When it comes to things like Craftsman doors, there are some important considerations for choosing a newly crafted door over an antique.

Some people say that new designs don’t honor the tradition of the style, but this is certainly not the case with the doors made at Nick’s Building Supply. Our stock doors are designed in the true Craftsman style, with or without the dentil shelf and the mini-lites, to create just the same look as the originals.

However, there is a difference of course, but it isn’t in the visible aspects of the door. Instead, we have incorporated the latest in technology and engineering into our doors to create more energy-efficient, structurally sound doors that are highly resistant to warping or twisting, something that is common in doors made before specific design elements and materials were available.

The Challenges with Old Doors

It is still not all that difficult to find antique Craftsman doors, although they are rare in many parts of the country depending on what was popular in home designs and styles built in the early to mid-1900s.

These doors are often taken off of older homes, and they may even be from homes that have not been maintained or even lived in, particularly in some of the more rural locations. In these situations the doors may be stored for years in barns, shops, or basements, and may sustain considerable damage.

In addition, as with any type of wooden door, being stored incorrectly will lead to warping. Often, these doors are stored flat on a surface, with boxes or other items stacked on top. This results in weight on some areas of the door and not others, which will warp and twist the door, making it very challenging to fit correctly in any frame.

The Benefits of New Doors

With our Craftsman doors, you will have beautifully designed doors that have the clean lines and shapes of the classics. In addition, we can fully finish the door to your exacting specifications. With our UV-resistant stains and sealers, these doors will last for years without any maintenance required.

Our doors also come pre-hung, which means the doors are in the frame and carefully packed and protected to prevent any damage to the door in transit. The result is a door that will simply slide into your rough opening, making installation simple, easy, and stress-free.