Using Mission Doors Throughout The House

Some styles of doors just seem to work with any decor and in any room of the house. This is certainly true for the Mission doors we offer at Nick’s Building Supply, along with the various designs and stain colors that are great options for renovations or new home construction.

The Mission style is similar to the Shaker style and comes out of an appreciation for clean lines, the natural beauty of the wood and a simple yet elegant look. These doors are traditionally made out of solid wood, but we offer several variations that are ideal for different rooms and to achieve different looks.


For bedrooms, the clean and simple lines of the Mission doors are a perfect match. They are ideal in a bedroom, since the natural wood adds a very rich and warm tone. The stain can be selected to match the hardwood flooring, moldings or the baseboards, or you may want to choose a darker or lighter color to contrast wtih the decor and design.


For on-suite bathrooms, saunas, or even the main bathrooms in the home, solid doors are always a great option. However, for a more open look in a small bathroom, particularly an on-suite, consider one of our Mission designs with glass in the panels.

Choosing a frosted glass or perhaps rain or reed glass provides privacy while still allowing light between the rooms and a more open look to the area.

Living Spaces and Kitchens

For a home office, between living spaces, in home theaters or games rooms, the lines of the Mission doors are a great match. When there is a small area you may want to consider a single door, or perhaps you can fit a double door to be able to open up a room for entertaining or when the room is not in use.

Choosing a lighter color stain gives a more modern and casual look, while a darker stain is elegant, rich and gives a formal look to dining rooms as well as dens or home offices.

Closets and Smaller Rooms

In small homes, you can still have the larger opening option of double-style Mission doors through the use of bypass doors. While these are often seen on small rooms and walk-in closets, they also are a great idea for dividing any room in which you don’t have the space for a double door to swinging open.

You will find that Mission doors are perhaps the most versatile style anywhere. Just take your time and look around at your options before making a final choice.