Upgrading to Wood Overhead Doors

If your home has an attached garage, or if your garage is visible from the street or home, having the best quality and most visually appealing garage doors is important. The low-cost, cheaper quality doors that have been installed in many new homes certainly don’t meet the criteria, which is why more and more homeowners are upgrading to wood overhead doors.

Sometimes homeowners don’t understand that is it possible to convert those old-style aluminum or steel overhead doors to the much more luxurious look of wood. In fact, with so many styles, designs and options available, we are sure you will find a perfect match in the doors to coordinate with your house style and design.

Getting Started

If you are planning to upgrade to wood overhead doors, your first step should be finding the design you like. If you are buying from us, we can custom build the doors to meet any size of rough opening, making your choices very flexible, unlike the restrictions you may find with other door materials, only made in standard sizes.

In addition to choosing a style or design, which will include the number of windows, or lites in the door as well as the shape and features, you will also need to consider if you want to paint or stain the doors. Paint-grade doors will come primed, and you can then apply the final coat in your choice of colors and paint types.

Our stained wood overhead doors will come to you ready for installation. We use UV-protectant stains and sealants so your doors will be long-lasting and its color won’t fade from sun and water exposure.

The Final Steps

Once you have made your choice, the next step is to work with a local contractor of your choice to have the current doors removed and your new doors installed. We will provide you with a delivery date so you can coordinate with your local contractors for this process.

Keep in mind that we also offer overhead garage door openers, and we have several models and sizes to handle all the doors that we sell. Buying the door opener with the doors ensures that everything arrives at the same time and you get the most competitive pricing on both.