Top Reasons To Choose Pre-Hung Doors Over Exterior Slab Doors

Making the decision to upgrade your existing front or back door is always an effective way to give your home a whole new look without the cost of a full exterior renovation. Of course, at the same time you may want to change siding, add a new coat of paint or perhaps even upgrade your existing windows to something more energy-efficient and modern as well.

One of the most important factors in whatever type of front or back door you select is to choose pre-hung doors. At Nick’s Building Supply, all of our exterior doors will be sold and shipped pre-hung, and this is done for very specific reasons.

The Difference

All the doors you buy, either for the exterior or interior of your home, will be pre-hung or slab. Slab doors are just the door itself, and there is no door jamb or frame with the door. You will typically have to place the hardware on the door, including making the cuttings for the door handle and hardware.

The pre-hung doors we sell are very different. They have been fitted into the jamb and, with our exterior models, are shipped that way for stability and ease of installation. All the hardware is mounted on the door, including the hinges, and the proper hole is cut for the hardware, which makes it easier if you are installing it on your own.

This eliminates any worry about making a mistake and possibly damaging the door, which would result in the need for patching and repairs before the door is even installed.

Balance and Operation

Ensuring the door is correctly balanced and leveled is critical so the door operates correctly without dragging or constantly swinging open or close. As we carefully balance and level our pre-hung doors in the jamb, all the installer has to do is ensure that the jamb is in the rough opening and leveled at the top and sides.

Additionally, with our pre-hung doors with a transom and sidelites, installation is much easier with the complete unit already assembled and ready. There is less risk of damage during the installation problem and any gaps, air leaks or the need to try to handle multiple door components at the same time, is completely eliminated.

While it is possible to install a pre-hung door on your own, we always recommend professional installation. These doors are an investment in the look and enjoyment of your home, so having a professional installation will ensure they are properly installed; always the best idea.