Tips For Choosing New Exterior Doors

As a simple way to give a new look to the front or the back of your home, replacing your exterior doors is a cost effective and very obvious upgrade. However, getting just the right front door for your home can seem like a difficult decision, and we know that looking through hundreds of doors we have online can be overwhelming.

To help you to narrow down your choices and determine which doors are best suited to your personal taste, we offer the following simple selection guide. It is still a good idea to look through a wide selection of exterior doors, but there is no point in looking through doors that are outside of what you want or can afford.

Consider Price

There is more to price than just the numbers on the sticker or on the web. You should also be thinking of life expectancy, the trendiness or classic style of the design, as well as the possibilities for the doors in the future.

For example, you may find a very low-cost steel door, but these doors will not allow for customization, they can be easily scratched and will rust, and they tend to dent and ding easily. So the low initial cost will quickly be lost, as the door will have to be replaced or it simply won’t hold its initial look.

On the other hand, the wood doors from Nick’s can easily last the lifetime of the home with just a bit of routine care. They also provide higher insulating values and make the home stand out, leading much higher appreciation for the door over time.

Consider Style

Making the decision to go with a single or double door is an important way to narrow down your choices. You can then also consider if you want exterior doors to have sidelites and a transom, which will open up the front of your home and truly frame the door.

Style can also include how rustic or how elegant and formal you want the door to be. Our Tiffany and Olympus collections are a good example of how a door style can be more elaborate or more elegant and simple, to meet your specific needs.

Once you have the style and the price in mind, you can start to look at different designs and woods. We also offer a range of glass styles that go with our doors, which is another option you can use to create just the look you want.