The Placement Of Patio Doors During Renovations

While most new home construction includes patio doors to allow easy access to the backyard or outdoor living space, older homes often didn’t have these doors in their original design. Even in newer homes, many homeowners are choosing to add double French doors to transition from a master bedroom to an outdoor patio area, or perhaps to a balcony in a two-story home.

Choosing where to locate the patio entrance during a renovation is a big decision. Often, the first step is to stop and think what you will be using your outdoor space for and how people and items would move back and forth, in and out of your home.

Off the Kitchen

It is very common to find an exterior wall where a new set of patio doors would fit perfectly in the kitchen. This is ideal for people who will use their outdoor living space as an extension of their home to cook and eat out, or just to relax and enjoy their outdoor space.

Adding French doors to the kitchen area as a connection between the indoors and outdoors gives security and allows more natural light into the kitchen area. It also allows you to sit at the table and look out over your backyard area or deck, all year long.

Off the Living Room or Family Room

When the outdoor living space is around a pool, outdoor games area or if it connects to an existing back door off the kitchen, placing the patio exit and entrance off of the living room or the family room is a great option.

This is perfect, as you can sit down and enjoy a clear view of the outdoor area from your couch or favorite chair when it is cold or wet outside, but you also have the ability to have access to the area to sit outside. Food or other items can be brought outdoors through the backdoor, eliminating the need to transport this through the house to get outside.

Off the Bedroom

Beautiful patio doors off the master bedroom add a touch of romance and relaxation to your private area in the home. If you are concerned about privacy, choose a frosted glass or a privacy glass that still allows light in, but prevents clear sight into the bedroom. Flemish or rain glass as well as Sierra, Majestic and Builders Zinc are all great options we offer.

Adding patio doors to a home in a renovation or upgrade can really expand your living space. It will also increase the value of the home while giving it a very modern look.