Looking at Wooden Doors in New Construction

It seems that home design and features tend to be in style and then, just as quickly, go out of style, at least when it comes to trendy and eclectic types of designs. There are also those tried and true favorites, such as wooden doors that are always in style and will never go out of vogue.

At Nick’s Building Supply, we only sell wood doors because we understand the value, durability and great looks these doors provide for a home or commercial building. Even knowing that, we are continually amazed at how the demand for these traditional doors increases every year, showing that true value and design never goes out of style.

There are other reasons to consider wooden doors. To understand the benefits and advantages of these doors over other door materials out there (including vinyl, fiberglass, iron or steel), we would like to point out just a few of the benefits of natural wood.

Enhanced Construction Technology

In the past, there have been issues with some poorly manufactured wood doors that were prone to warping and twisting, particularly if they were exposed to moisture and heat or high humidity environments.

With the new manufacturing technology we use in all our wood doors, warping is a thing of the past. The key to reducing warping is to avoid using solid boards in the design and instead using an engineered wood core, which allows for the normal expansion and contraction of the wood without any warping or twisting.

Additionally, the wooden doors we sell are all treated with UV-protectant stains and sealers. This eliminates the concerns with moisture penetrating the door while also keeping the door looking like new even under extended exposure to direct sunlight.

Greater Options

With other materials, there is very little possibility of customizing the doors as they are all pre-formed and made on mass production lines. The only exception to that would be iron doors, but these are typically very costly, and they aren’t always the right look for every home.

With a wood door, we can provide any customization you need. This includes hand carving, specific sizes or shapes, and even coordinating sidelites and transoms to really change the look of the door and how it fits into your home style.

New wooden doors are highly energy-efficient while also giving a rich and warm look to the front of the house. Just browse through our selection and you will see just how unique these doors really are.