Adding Rustic Doors to Modern Home Designs

There are some amazing possibilities to choose from all the different door styles we offer at Nick’s Building Supply. Some of the most versatile doors that we offer are the rustic doors, and with all the possible glass options and features they are a top match for any home style.

One of the reasons why these doors work with any type of home design and style is because they feature the natural beauty of the wood. We offer a choice of different options in wood from clear alder to the ever-popular knotty alder with its unique pattern in wood that is truly one of a kind.
Also, with alder, it is possible to leave doors the light natural color of the wood or to choose a much darker stain to create a very dramatic look. This is not possible with all doors and with all wood types, and it is yet another benefit to these doors and this type of wood.

Interior Door Options

For interior doors, our styles and designs complement an Americana or country style of d├ęcor, but they go equally well with a modern and even minimalist design style.

Shaker and Mission types of doors with a rustic knotty alder wood are a striking addition to any room, and there is little doubt that they pair well with any interior design style.

These rustic doors are also a great way to match the main entrance door of the home to the interior doors, while still maintaining a unique look for each. By utilizing the same type of wood and stain, the differences in the interior and exterior doors are still visible, but they also coordinate in color and wood type to add interest and visual appeal throughout the home.

Exterior Doors

When it comes to exterior rustic doors, we have a match to any home. You can select from a very Old World style of round-top door complete with wrought-iron speakeasy and detail on the sidelites to a simple and elegant solid round-top door.

These are a terrific complement to a wood or log home, a natural stone home or a brick home. They also look perfect with a very modern-looking home and the arch of the door can match the curve on the surrounding windows, or similarly match a square- top door with a more traditional window selection.