Tips for Turning Single Doors into Double Doors

Nick’s Building Supply offers a range of door styles and sizes, for both interior and exterior use. A common upgrade or renovation that brings customers into our showroom or to our online inventory listing is the desire to move from a single door to double doors in any room of the home.

There are several reasons why the double door option is a great idea for any home. With a double door, particularly if it’s an entrance door, there is much more room to come and go. This is true if you are choosing an elegant style of mansion doors for the front of the home or a versatile French patio type of door for the kitchen into a backyard, for example. It is also true for double interior doors that open into a dining room, living room, or kitchen; or even for a home office or library.

The Basics

For most homes, whether it’s an interior or exterior installation, converting a single door to a double door will not be that much of a challenge, particularly if you are hiring a professional carpenter.

The most important task will be expanding the door frame equally on either side; extending the rough opening so it remains symmetrical and centered with the interior and exterior walls.

To do this, it is critical to know the measurements of the double doors you want to buy. If you are interested in adding sidelights, this also needs to be considered during this initial renovation phase.

For both interior and exterior doors, the balance will often be key in choosing how big and elaborate you want to go with the doors. A large door will add a very welcoming look, but it can also seem overwhelming in a small space. There are some amazing styles of double door designs in our online inventory that are not overly large and will match any home style and entrance space.


Our interior and exterior double doors come pre-hung, which means the frame, hinges, and holes for the hardware are all on the door. The frame is simply slid into the rough opening and squared and leveled, then secured. The doors are then mounted on the hinges and they will already be adjusted to provide perfect opening and closing without the need for any adjustments or modifications.

While you can install your own interior or exterior double doors, we recommend you use the services of a professional contractor. These doors can be heavy and difficult to move on your own, plus the process takes a lot less time when a professional handles the work.