Go Elegant with Beautifully Designed Mansion Doors

Whether you want to call them double doors or luxury doors, mansion doors are a wonderful addition to any home because they create the curb appeal you have always wanted. Additionally, mansion doors will allow you to have the foyer or grand entrance you imagined for your home renovation or custom home design.

When choosing these elegant doors, there are a few different aspects to keep in mind. It will be important to create a balance in the size and the design of your doors and the front of the home; you don’t want the doors to appear as if they were just randomly selected. Instead, you want the look to be complete and very well put together. In larger homes, there is more opportunity to really develop the entrance, starting with a beautiful door that has the style and design you want to highlight.

Luxury Materials

At Nick’s Building Supply, we ensure that all our mansion doors are carefully crafted from only top quality woods. We often recommend to our customers the African mahogany, which is rich, luxurious and long lasting.

This wood has a fine, even grain, and it will take a very good range of stain colors to match the exact color scheme of the exterior and interior of the home. Pairing this top quality wood with amazing artisan types of glass designs really does make a set of doors stand out and highlights the front of your property.

Adding Features

While these doors look terrific on their own as an entrance, they can also be enhanced and expanded to include a transom and sidelights. This allows the pattern in both the glass of the door and in the actual wood itself to be carried through to a larger area, highlighting the design elements.

These additional features also add benefits to the interior of the home. When the sidelights are designed to open, they are a wonderful way to bring in a gentle breeze in the summer, adding a real touch of warmth and being very practical. Of course, you will also allow more natural light into the home.

When privacy is a concern or consideration, we recommend you go for a frosted glass or an opaque glass that will still allow light to enter the entrance, but will also provide the privacy you desire.