Common Mistakes Made when Choosing Replacement Entrance Doors

One very simple way to change the entire look of the front of your home is to change your front door. An upgrade in the style, design and features of entrance doors can add a whole new dimension to the home and will be really evident if you also paint or renovate at the same time.

There are a lot of things to think about when choosing a replacement front, back, or side entrance door. However, choosing the right entrance doors for the front of the home is often the most important, as this is the part of the home most visible and where most of your guests will arrive.

To help you choose the right doors for your front entrance, we have put together a list of common mistakes or oversights that customers have told us about in their past door-buying experiences.

Buying on Price

At Nick’s Building Supply, we sell directly to the consumer, so we are able to offer lower prices than most retail stores for the best quality wood doors available anywhere in the country.

However, we still hear people talk about buying doors based solely on a cheap price. Cheap prices on doors that are well below the market value are a sign of poor quality materials and poor quality craftsmanship. These are doors that may look great in the store, but they will soon weather, warp and fall apart once they are in use.

Not Considering all the Options

It is important to get to know all the different options available for entrance doors. Even if you don’t like the entire style of the door, you may be drawn to a particular design element or perhaps the type of glass used in the door.

Taking the time to look around online and getting a good feel for all the possibilities will help you settle on the look, style, color and design that you like and want to have on your home for years to come.

Making a Snap Decision

Making a snap decision on entrance doors is often a factor of not knowing all the options or buying on impulse the first door that generally meets your expectations and preferences.

If it is a great door design and one you like, it will still look just as good in a few days or the next time you look online. By providing enough time to get comfortable with the door, or perhaps customizing the design, you will have entrance doors that are just what you have always wanted.