Tips for Choosing Exterior Doors for the Back Entrance

While choosing a beautiful front entrance is important in any home, getting the right exterior doors for the back or the side of the house is just as important, often for slightly different reasons.

In most homes, the back and side doors tend to be less ornate than the main entrance, and they tend to be single or double doors, but without transom or sidelights. Of course, there is no reason to not consider adding these features to a back door, particularly if the back door is commonly used or if you have an outdoor living space that is accessed through that door.

While we offer a range of exterior doors styles that are perfect for the back or side of a home, garage or office, there are some important factors that need additional attention and consideration regardless of the style or design.

Privacy and Security

At a commercial building or a residence, the back and side doors tend to be less visible from the street and, in a quiet neighborhood with privacy fences, they may not be visible from any adjoining properties.

This makes security and privacy critical considerations for these doors. At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer a multi-point locking system that actually engages and disengages three separate locks from the main lock, making this a very secure option for any door.

Traffic Levels

While most back and side doors tend to be single doors, adding double doors in areas of heavy traffic or with a lot of movement should be considered. This is often more common in a commercial building than in a residence, but having the option to open two doors to move out that couch or even to get everyone helping to bring in the groceries is really something to consider.

Visibility and Light

Last but not least, remember that back and side exterior doors often face the most beautiful part of your landscaping and property. Choosing a door with a larger glass panel or light is perfect to allow you to look out over the property and enjoy the view.

This is also a very good way to bring in natural light. Since these doors may be located off the kitchen area, that extra light is not just a nice touch, but it is also helpful for energy-efficiency and adds a touch of brightness that isn’t possible with solid doors of any type.