The Beauty Of Mahogany Doors In Historic Homes

In many of the smaller towns and the large metropolitan areas across the United States and Canada, people are looking for the older historic homes as a top investment.

These homes have classic designs and styles that can include a range of different architectural styles from Victorian, Cape Cod, Prairie, Craftsman and even the very elegant Queen Anne homes. One thing that these styles of classic American homes all have in common is the use of wood doors for entrances.

Our designers at Nick’s Building Supply have created several different doors styles that match perfectly with all historic types of home designs and architectural features. However, unlike the traditional doors that were made of native wood, we recommend considering mahogany doors, particularly when the rich qualities of the wood need to be front and center.

Understanding Mahogany Wood

Mahogany has a natural pink to red tone or shade to the natural wood. This makes a great option for a darker stain or even with a more reddish color to the stain. When mahogany wood ages naturally it becomes darker, going from the pink tone to a deeper reddish-brown color.

Another important factor we would like to point out with mahogany is that it has a very tight grain that is uniform throughout the wood. This provides a very consistent look to the surface, regardless of the color of the stain selected that is a hallmark of a well-crafted exterior door.

Naturally Resistant

Even with all the beauty found in mahogany doors, they are incredibly durable and resistant. They will stand up wonderfully to all types of environmental conditions including high humidity, direct sunlight, rain and even snow and freezing conditions.

New stains and sealants provide additional layers of protection for the wood, and new technology in door construction means that these doors will last for years and continue to look amazing. They don’t require continual refinishing like the wooden doors of the past.

Insects, including termites, are not a concern with top-quality mahogany doors. Since the insects don’t penetrate the surface of the door, there isn’t a concern for the rot that can be an issue with other types of woods once insects start to destroy the structure and moisture seeps into the wood.

Choosing mahogany over other types of wood for exterior doors is a very good decision. While they are a bit more costly, they are also a lifetime investment, which we think makes all the difference.