A Simple Definition Of Mansion Doors


Sometimes we find that the terms homeowners and contractors may use when describing specific types of doors they are considering can be more than a bit confusing. Different people will use different terms, and may have completely unique ideas as to what they are describing.

One of the more general terms we hear at Nick’s Building Supply is “mansion doors”. Typically, for our definition, we consider these doors to be our luxury doors, beautifully designed to turn any home into a mansion. Often these doors are used on custom home-building projects or to enhance a home renovation to develop just the look wanted from the front of the home.

The Look of Timeless Classic Design

One of the features of our mansion doors is the care we put into the design of the door itself. We want these doors to both match with the front of the home but also to stand out as an elegant addition that adds curb appeal and that look of sophistication.

Our doors can be contemporary in design and still be classic and timeless. They can also include more traditional styles and design features, and we have a great selection of both options.

Regardless of the type of design selected, the craftsmanship, quality of wood and the overall beauty of these doors will be impossible to miss. Attention to each element of the design from the careful choice of the type of glass to the care in ensuring the stain and sealant are applied perfectly sets these doors apart from anything else available on the market today.

Shapes and Features

We understand that every custom-designed home new construction or renovation is not the same. Our inventory of mansion doors, all which can be customized to the individual home, include a wonderful variety of sizes, optionsand features.

Most of our elegant doors for these types of homes are made of African mahogany, world recognized as a top-quality wood that holds its beauty for a lifetime. This strong and durable wood is also perfect for any color of stain, and with options from light to dark, it works with any type of natural stone, brick, wood or siding used.

Our mansion doors include arched and round-top designs, which are amazing and very different. We can also design sidelights and transom combinations to add to the design of the doors, something that is a beautiful addition to any front entrance.