The Style and Appeal of Classic Mission Doors

You have probably seen Mission doors in homes in magazines, or on home-design shows, or perhaps even on the internet with home-renovation blogs and websites. However, if you are like many people, you really didn’t know what they were or the name of the specific style.

These doors, which are often interchanged with the term Shaker doors, are actually an older style of design based on hand crafting and the natural beauty of wood. The doors themselves are traditionally not painted, but they can be if you prefer, but just remember that painting covers up the rich look of the wood. At Nick’s Building Supply, we sell both Mission and Shaker style and they are both timeless classics.

The Mission style of doors is identified by the use of rails, stiles and flat panels. They are sometimes also known as the Arts and Crafts styles of doors since they evolved as a return to the traditional and basic styles after the elaborate designs of the Victorian era.

The Design

The stiles and rails form the sides, top and bottom of the panel. The stiles are the vertical boards, and the rails are the horizontal cross pieces which form a type of frame. The flat panel is recessed from the stiles and rails, and it sits in grooves in each, holding it secure but also allowing for natural expansion and contraction with temperature changes.

Remember this is only a very slight movement, but with the room to expand there is no warping or twisting of these doors. There can be several panels or just a few, and we also offer the option to include glass of many different types as lites in place of the panels in the door.

In the Home

The varieties of Mission doors we offer are a great addition for bedroom doors, bathroom doors, closets and storage areas. With the glass in the door, they are also a great option for kitchens or any other room in the home, including home offices, libraries, computer rooms and, of course, playrooms for the kids.

The classic style of these Mission doors makes them a good match with any type of décor. They can be simple and elegant or more modern and stylish, but the traditional look for the rails and stiles and the flat panels will always give this door style away.