The Beauty of French Doors Inside and Out


Most people recognize French doors as an elegant and sophisticated option to the old style of sliding patio door. With the many different styles of these amazing doors, at Nick’s Building Supply we like to encourage our customers to consider these doors for more than just the patio.


Patio Doors

Of course, this style of patio door will always be popular. With all the different window or lite options we offer, you can choose from very open and airy looks with natural or stained wood frames, or you can even choose a more opaque glass for increased privacy. Rain, reed, or Flemish styles of glass, or even caming and combinations of glass can add privacy while still allowing light into the home.

You may also want to choose a single-lite or full-lite style of French doors. These are a beautiful addition to any patio and allow a full view from the interior to the exterior, great for opening up to an outdoor living space. We also provide a specialized 3-point lock system that is highly secure, perfect for country or city life.


Interior Doors

For a very classic look, we recommend considering French doors as interior doors as well. This classic style is perfect for an office, a library, or a more secluded type of reading area in the home. With the doors closed, they still provide light and visibility, but they help to make it a quiet and separate room in the home.

These are also lovely as doors for a formal dining room or off the kitchen. With a range of different design options, you choose the perfect look for a double door opening to any room in your home.


Front and Back Entrance

For a more rustic look in a cabin or a summer home, these are also great options for a front and back entrance. With the double opening they are practical when moving items and out of the house, or even handling heavy traffic.

With the option to choose an ornate caming or perhaps a Chateau glass with its estate-like style, it is possible to dress these doors up or down to match the exterior and interior of the home. Warm and inviting, they are a great choice for any front or back entrance and make a welcome addition to any home.