How Important are Garage Doors for Curb Appeal?


Whether you home has an attached or detached garage, the actual space taken up by the entry doors on the garage is a large part of what people see from the street. With an attached garage, the doors are even more prominent, so getting the right match in style, color and type to suit the design of the home is very important.

Nick’s Building Supply offers a top selection of all different types of garage doors. While overhead wood doors are always a popular option, we also cater to homeowners looking for a more traditional type of door.


Paint or Stain

One of the first questions to ask when considering the appearance of garage doors and how they will add to your property’s curb appeal, is to decide if you are planning on painting or staining the doors.

Paint-grade garage doors are always top quality and always built with the best hardware, tracks and opening systems on the market. As they will be painted, we will prime them in advance, allowing you to select the final coat of paint to match the color of your existing doors on your home or garage.

Stain allows the natural color of the wood show. We offer both clear and knotty cedar doors that are perfect to stain in a wide range of colors from light to dark. Lighter colors, particularly with the knotty cedar, show the knots and variations in the wood, while a dark color on clear or knotty cedar gives a dramatic and eye-catching look.


Lites or Solid Doors

The style of door is also an important element in adding to the overall coordination of garage doors with the rest of the home. Doors can be either of a solid design, which provides a very high level of privacy and security, or they can have any number of configurations of lites.

Lites, which are the smaller or larger windows in the top third or less of the door overhead or traditional garage doors, can add a more open look. It is possible to choose an opaque glass for increased privacy, but with the ability to let in natural light.

Smaller lites with a mullioned look can be a perfect match for a new or older style of home, and are a great combination with a carriage style of door for any garage. This is true for double or single doors, and choosing the shape and size of the lights will provide a unique look for your property.