Get Acquainted with the Olympus Entry Door


If you are familiar with Greek mythology, you may remember that Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, was also home to the Twelve Olympians. They were said to live in palaces that were beyond compare. We believe we have developed the Olympus entry door line in a style befitting of any of those palaces, and those who have added these beautiful doors to their homes certainly feel the same way.

One of the differences with Olympus doors is the variety of possible design options. While in general all have the same elements to the look of the door, the combinations of glass, solid wood, stain colors and the options for side lites and transoms really make this a fully customizable door option.


The Basic Design

The basic design of any of the Olympus entry door line is flowing lines and classic, elegant style. On double doors, there is a large central circular element equally spanning both doors. This circle is then intersectedwith two half circles on either door to create an interlocking circular pattern.

On all styles of Olympus doors, the frame is solid and strong, giving depth, richness and structure to the door. With the solid panel doors, the circles are raised from the panel, giving a three-dimensional appeal to the design and bringing it to life.


The Options

We particularly designed this door to allow for maximum customization. While the frame and circular pattern are always made from our carefully selected 100% Brazilian Mahogany, any of the panels on either the single or double door designs can be made out of glass.

The glass styles we find look the most amazing includes rain glass, the very classic Baroque glass or the modern looking beveled glass. Also, adding an arched transom in glass adds height and additional accent of the circular shapes, making a beautiful grand entrance for a larger custom home.

Side lites on one or both sides of the Olympus entry door create more opportunity for natural light and open space within the entrance. Even with the solid single and double Olympus doors the side lites bring in the light and, with the option for any of our customized glass options, it can create just the look you want.

All of our Olympus doors, as with any of our exterior doors, will arrive pre-hung and ready for installation. Available in six-foot and eight-foot heights, these doors are the perfect addition to any truly remarkable home.