Interior Design Tips for Bedrooms


Creating a welcoming oasis of relaxation in a bedroom is always a primary concern. When everything is designed to flow together and develop that sense of relaxation and harmony, this room becomes a great place to sit down and read a book, or perhaps watch a bit of television before calling it a night.

Putting all the effort to get that perfect look extends to all elements in the room, including the bedroom doors. At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer all types of bedroom doors: for the doorway into the hall, the ensuite bathroom, and even for the closets.

We highly recommend that you look for a simple door option that blends and harmonizes with the décor, adding a balanced look without detracting from the other elements in the room. To accomplish this, we think our line of Mission doors and Shaker doors make the perfect choice.


The Clean Lines

With both the Mission and Shaker doors for the interior of the home, there is a simple beauty and elegance. Both styles could certainly be called minimalist in that they stay with crisp, clean lines throughout the design.

Unlike other types of doors, they blend with a very modern look design and décor, but they also work very well with a classic design. Although the design itself dates back to the early part of the 1900s, they really are timeless.

In basic design, the Shaker and Mission doors have a solid frame and then a series of panels in the door. These can range from a single panel to six panels. Most commonly, these styles have horizontal panels, not vertical as you see in the more traditional styles of interior doors.


For Closets and Bathrooms

To match the doors of the bedroom to the closets and the bathrooms of the master bedroom, or any other bedroom, we have Mission doors and Shaker styles that work for all your door needs.

For the bathrooms and storage areas, the inset horizontal panels can be replaced with an opaque glass, or perhaps a reed, frosted or rain glass, allowing visibility and an open look while still providing privacy.

With all the options in these Mission and Shake doors, including the type of wood and the color of stain, there really is no decor or room theme they won’t work with. They are classic, elegant and timeless; exactly what you want as a finishing touch to your personal space.