Should You Paint or Stain a Mahogany Front Door?

Mahogany is an extremely durable and gorgeous wood that’s perfect for an entry door. You don’t need to worry about the wood rotting away. An exterior mahogany wood door will last for up to 60 years!

Now that you’ve chosen an exquisite wood material for your front door, it’s time to choose the right style to preserve the door and match your home. If you’re conflicted about whether you should paint or stain a mahogany front door, continue reading to learn all about your options!

What’s the Difference?

Wood paint sits on the wood’s surface. Since the color doesn’t soak into the wood like a stain, it’s important to correctly prep the surface before applying any paint.

Wood stain applies like any liquid paint; remember to apply small amounts at a time. The stain will soak into the wood with each stroke. When applying the color, work slowly until you achieve an even coat. Allow this first coat to dry, then see if you need to apply a second or third to darken the color, so the wood matches your preference.

The Benefits of Painting

If you’re looking for something other than the traditional wood colors of reddish or dark browns, painting allows you to choose something unique and bright. Find a color that stands out and complements your home’s design.

Paints last longer and require less maintenance over time than stains. Overall, painting is a more cost-effective way to create a beautiful entry door.

The Benefits of Staining

Mahogany easily absorbs stains due to its open-grained nature. Using a mahogany stain is a good way to retain the natural beauty of mahogany wood. The colors range from dark brown, cherry red, and classic brown.

The best way to choose between the two options is to decide the style you’re looking for. Whether you want an entry door that’s bright and eye-catching or traditional yet timeless, using a paint or stain on a mahogany front door will create incredible results that you’ll love!