Should Door Handles and Knobs Match the Hinges?

Your home’s design is a mix of your attention to its layout and the smaller details. From your couch’s location to your carpet’s color, you should consider several factors when diving into the interior design world. People either look forward to that kind of work or dread the pickiness of their brains. These are helpful things to consider for those wondering whether the door handles and knobs should match the hinges.

Your Taste

Generally, your hinges and knobs do not always have to match. There is nothing off-putting about the combination of bronze-colored knobs and silver hinges. However, like most things in interior design, it’s all about your taste. If looking at the color difference of the metals on your door bothers you, then there isn’t any harm in matching them. Alternatively, if you enjoy the contrast in color, it’s worth trying to see how you feel about it.

The Color of the Room

Hinges only go on one side of the door, and it’s important to consider how their color affects the feel of the room they’re in. Finding something to stick out is more unique than blending if you have a generally neutral palette of greys and white. But if you want your home to feel more uniform everywhere you go, matching the hinges to the room would be optimal.

Preference for Consistency

Consistency preference is a big determining factor for several home designers. Some people love the odd combinations of texture and color they can throw into their homes. The variation is an expression of their taste and creativity. However, that isn’t to say you can’t be creative with a more unified look. If things look out of order and drive you crazy, then it’s a good idea to keep the design techniques the same throughout each room.

Choosing the smaller details of a home offers a unique challenge. The way they play into the overall presentation is key. The next time you choose to change up an arched wooden door in your home, it’s worth considering if the door handles and knobs should match the hinges.