10 Inspirational Christmas Front Door Decorations

Christmas is the perfect time of year to show your love for all your friends and family. One of the ways people enjoy this time of year is with all the beautiful decorations Christmas has to offer.

All families decorate their homes with what makes them feel the happiest. Whether it’s traditional lights, modern decorations, or even “Santa, stop here!” signs, there isn’t one right way to decorate for the holidays.

If you need some fresh ideas to spice up your holiday outdoor decor, read about 10 inspirational Christmas front door decorations that will bring joy this holiday season.

Large Ribbons

Something simple, yet lovely, is a large, decorative ribbon. The first option is to find a premade ribbon to hang in the center of your door. This is a minimalistic, subtle design, but very pretty!

The next option is to find a very large Christmas bow. Then, use ribbon to wrap the door like a present. You can find large ribbons at almost any craft store. From silver and gold to dark red or plaid patterns, search for the one that suits your home’s aesthetic the best.

Lanterns on the Doorstep

If you want to add a little more light to your porch, place little lanterns on both sides of a festive doormat. Place battery-operated candles in the lanterns of your choosing to stay lit all night long.

Lanterns come in many colors and styles. Vintage lanterns tend to have more intricate designs, while modern ones are simpler. Be sure to add some festive faux greenery to the top of whichever lantern you choose to tie everything together.


String a stunning strand of garland around the edges of your front door. Use zip ties or nails to keep the garland in place so they’re secure and won’t blow away during winter storms.

Dress the garland up with battery-operated twinkling string lights to brighten the night. Large bows, ornaments, holly, and poinsettias are perfect additions to a garland. As guests walk up to your front door, they’ll be in awe of this beautiful accent piece.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are classic. Made from evergreens, pine branches, and holly, you’ll find that a traditional Christmas wreath is a perfect addition to your holiday decor. Pair a garland above the door with a matching wreath. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or artificial; the traditional design will bring the holiday spirit to your home.

Basket of Holiday Greenery

Garlands and wreaths aren’t the only types of greenery you can decorate your door with. Find a wicker basket; attach a sturdy rope to the back, and then add all your favorite holiday greenery. Fill your basket with pinecones, holly, juniper, cedar, and even Christmas tree ornaments. Add a decorative bow to the front of the basket, and it’s ready to hang on your door.

If you miss the summer, you might like to add more floral elements to this winter hanging bouquet. Combine twigs, holly, and cedar with your faux flowers to tie together this holiday door decoration.

Snowflake Wreath

Do you want to try something outside of the typical holiday decorations? Try a snowflake wreath!

There are many different routes you can take when deciding to put up a snowflake wreath. The first option is choosing a green wreath with six points to mimic the shape of a snowflake. This type of wreath has all the common decorations you would find in a traditional holiday wreath.

Another option is to find a silver wreath decorated with white and blue accents. With snowflakes, ribbons, and even pinecones, this wreath gives you something out of the ordinary from the average green and red Christmas colors.

Hanging Wooden Plaque

Christmas is about so much more than just giving and receiving presents. Popular wooden Christmas plaques are distressed wooden boards with phrases like, “Merry Christmas,” “Joy,” or “Happy Holidays” written in the center. Some plaques are embellished with greenery, holly, bows, and ribbons.

But not everything needs the perfect saying. You might want something a little more elaborate. Perhaps you want to try to paint a Santa Claus portrait or a snowman to welcome your guests into your home. Your children will love to help out with this holiday craft, and it will get them excited for Christmas.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments aren’t just for the Christmas tree! A fun family activity is to make homemade ornaments out of cardstock to hang above your front door. Cut out ornament shapes and attach them to strings so you can hang them. Then, hand them over to your children to draw on, add stickers or ribbons, and so much more!

Once their lovely creations are complete, add little hooks to the space above the door so the ornaments can hang together.

Santa-Themed Decor

All young children can think about during the holidays is Santa Claus and the presents he’ll bring for Christmas. To encourage your children to get in the holiday spirit, add a couple of Santa-themed decor elements.

Place a carpet of faux snow on one side of the door. Add a Santa statue beside a couple of little reindeer. Put together a little set of Christmas presents, and then add a small tag with your family’s last name to greet guests who come to your home. A little snowman and one of Santa’s elves will complete this festive front porch arrangement.

Potted Artificial Plants

The cold weather doesn’t allow many plants to thrive outdoors. An artificial plant will liven up your front porch without the hassle of caring for the plant. Some artificial plants come in a gorgeous pot that will complement your decor perfectly. If you can’t find one in a matching pot, don’t worry! You can find a rustic or antique pot to place the artificial plant inside.

To really amp up the festivities, make a miniature outdoor Christmas tree with lights and a star on top.

Of course, you’ll need the right carved wood front door to add these joyful decorations to! The holidays are the time of year when loved ones come over to celebrate. Make sure they see one of these inspirational Christmas front door decorations when they come over, and there will be plenty of holiday cheer.

10 Inspirational Christmas Front Door Decorations