Rustic Doors – A Return To Simpler Times

How a door is constructed and how it looks conveys a lot about what lies within. It can also conjure up a secret world, revealed only when the owner invites you inside. Rustic doors are an ideal way to express and conceal a world that yearns for the simplistic and simpler times. It may indicate an environmentally-conscious individual, or one who prefers a more natural look.

What Are Rustic Doors?

Rustic doors are often a looked at as a specific style. At Nick’s Building Supply Inc., it is also a statement representative of a more simple (rustic) way of life. Wood doors symbolize the rustic style; however, certain woods evoke the nature of this style more readily than others do. Among the most common types are:

Rustic Doors

  • Alder – preferably knotty alder and a favorite for clients at Nick’s
  • Cherry – of the type called rustic cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Pine (knotty)

The type of rustic doors you choose can also vary. The shape it may conform to may be as a roughhewn batten door, which works very well in a rustic setting. After all, one of the earliest forms wood doors have taken over the centuries was a batten door. Split Dutch Doors are also rustic in nature; in fact, they are still used in barns and stables. Yet, plain panel doors may also be rustic in style. You can choose solid wood doors or purchase those with glass inserts. Stained-glass windows may top your rustic door adding color and enhancing the overall rustic appearance. The glass may also be clear.

Colors can also reflect the nature of a door. Staining wood for protection and to enhance the color is one way of making the door look vintage or, at least, reflective of a certain period. At Nick’s you can choose from 16 colors. This allows you to match the overall architectural color scheme of your home, both inside and out. Rustic doors, after all, can be interior fixtures as well as exterior ones.

Rustic Doors – Beautiful and Secure

By choosing high-quality artisanship and solid wood, you can create a secure and vibrant door. Through choice of material to type of door, owners can reflect their concept of the rustic. Rustic doors can mirror how an individual perceives the exterior as well as the inner sanctum of their home. They can reveal a yearning for the past or indicate a preference for other than material things in the lives who reside within the home. At Nick’s, helping you find the right rustic doors -those that reflect your personal needs and those of your home and family, is part of our job- one we do professionally each and every day. Visit for more information.