Front Doors: Your Chance To Make A Statement

Front doors are the gateway to our homes. They represent a magical portal that, like Land of Faerie, lies between two worlds. Front doors demark the separation between the public world of the outside of your home and the private world that lies within. For those who have never visited, a front door is the means through which he or she leaves the known world to enter the unknown.

As symbolic tools, front doors can serve you well. The style you choose can express much without saying anything at all. Is it any wonder that the staff at Nick’s thinks that choosing the front door is an important aspect of making your house truly yours? Is it any wonder that experts in various fields talk about the entryway making a statement?

Front Doors: Wood Matters

Front doors are available in a vast array of material these days. You can purchase doors made from fiberglass, metal, composites and other modern fabrications. However, the most common material from which to produce a door remains wood. Wood doors deserve this popularity for any of several reasons. Wood front (and interior doors for that matter) doors are:

Front Doors

  • Versatile – available for interior and exterior usage.
  • Beautiful – nothing touches the pure exquisiteness of wood.Available in a variety of types – wood front doors are crafted from alder, cherry, fir, mahogany, maple, oak, pine, walnut and western hemlock. Each adds its own distinct flavor and appearance to your front door.
  • Easily accessorized – add matching, highlighting or contrasting hardware such as locksets and knockers.
  • Stylistically varied – you can choose at nick’s from various types of doors including Mansion, Shaker, Mission, Craftsmen, Rustic, French and Dutch.
  • Easily crafted – wood front doors are easily carved, shaped and designed to meet your specific needs. You can customize them to suit a purpose or match a design.

Be certain you consider the options available to you, as they will have a major impact on what your door says about you and your home.

Other Factors Concerning Front Doors

When it comes the time to consider the door for your entryway, think about the factors and adjust your choice accordingly. The right front door can only make an impressive, eye-catching or subtle statement if you choose correctly. To arrive at the best decision possible, you need to look at certain factors. Consider such things as the architecture of your home and adjacent structures, the landscape and the nearby environment, and combine them with your personal taste; then talk to the staff at Nick’s. After looking at our selection of front doors, you, your family and your neighborhood should be more than a little pleased about what kind of statement your new front door will make. Visit for more information.