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The Appeal Of Round Top Doors On Any Home


There is something very appealing about round top doors, and they are a classic door style that dates back to the early use of doors in what is now Europe and throughout the Middle East.

The round tops on the doors we make today are a long way from those first doors, but there is a still a classic look to the doors that makes them a great choice for a new home construction or a home renovation.

Choosing the right style of these unique doors is always a bit of a challenge. We recommend you spend time on the website and browse around that models and designs we sell. You should also review our gallery of installed doors to see how amazing different options look installed in homes all across North America.

Flowing Lines

The beauty of the shape of these doors is impossible to miss. The flow of the door and the design of the lite and the door features all work together to create a beautiful shape.

When this is paired with a sidelight/transom combination of glass and wood that flows around the door, further enhancing the shape, the door turns into a true central point of the entrance.

Another feature to consider is to enhance the lines of round-top doors by creating an arched roof extension over the door. When this is paired with round columns, the lines are incredible and really bring out the overall shape.

Double Doors

To accentuate the shape of the doors, double doors that are more rounded than arched are very classic looking and will have you thinking of custom-designed homes and mansions.

These doors are an ideal match for a larger front area to a home, and with the different designs we offer, they can be ornate and sophisticated to more simple and classic in their style.

Rounded doors tend to give the impression of a much larger entrance. They also look amazing from the inside of the home, adding to the look both from the exterior as well as the interior.

Glass Options

Just as the sidelight and transom can incorporate more rounded and flowing lines for round-top doors, choosing a glass for the door lite that has these same shapes will only enhance the design.

We offer several beautiful glass options with round shapes and design in the camming, adding to the overall look. While this looks terrific on single doors, on double doors it is a classic touch that will never go out of style.

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