Mahogany Doors: Exquisite Elegance

Doors are an important attribute of any home: they can make a simple statement or a passionate declaration. At Nick’s, we offer you the chance to discover why wood remains a very popular choice for interior and exterior doors. While we offer you a variety of different wood doors, if you are looking for elegance and style, you may want to consider our mahogany doors.

Mahogany: Elegant Wood

Mahogany is a wood favored by many for its natural characteristics. People around the world want doors made from mahogany because of the natural beauty of the wood. Mahogany is a hardwood tree from the Swietenia genus. The three major species within this family are:

Mahogany Doors

  1. Swietenia mahagoni
  2. Swietenia humilus
  3. Swietenia macrophylla

Door makers, furniture producers and other woodcrafters treasure the wood from these three types of mahogany trees because they:

  • Are straight or even grained
  • Have a unique pinkish coloring
  • Cure over time to a deep reddish brown
  • Possess very few knots
  • Are durable
  • Possess a smooth texture
  • Sand easily
  • Finish with little trouble

The natural beauty of the wood and the ease with which it reveals its perfection make mahogany doors a much sought after prize.

Mahogany Doors: Advantages and Disadvantages

Mahogany doors add an innate elegance to your home. If you choose an exterior mahogany door from Nick’s, you will find out why it remains a favorite. Such doors are:

  • Sturdy
  • Long lasting – they continue to show their beauty and grace for up to 25 years following installation.
  • Age defying – mahogany doors become richer in hue as they age. The pink deepens to a darker more intoxicating color over time.
  • Easily carved – mahogany is easy to work with. It therefore lends itself to some exquisite decorative and illustrative design flourishes, engravings and other options.
  • Durable – it is hard to dent mahogany doors. They are tough and resistant to many types of superficial damages including scratches.
  • Insect resistant – such doors are resistant to many types of destructive insects e.g. termites.
  • Easy to treat – can easily alter the door through changing the hardware and/or applying new wood stain.

It comes as no surprise to the staff at Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. that mahogany doors remain in high demand.

Choosing Mahogany Doors

Choosing mahogany as the wood for your interior or exterior door is a popular choice. This wood adds a degree of sophisticated elegance to any home or structure. Although expensive, buying it wholesale from Nick’s insures they can fit into your budget with greater ease. It also means you run less danger of increasing the only serious problem associated with mahogany: environmental endangerment. Our mahogany doors do not threaten the ongoing existence of this species of tree. Visit for more information.