Mansion Doors: Creating an Elegant Entrance

Throughout history, great importance has been given to the entryway. Front doors have always provided the certain “Wow Factor.” A glimpse in the magazines shows the homes of the rich and famous certainly trying to impress in every way possible. This includes everything from the architecture of the residence to the landscaping and the fencing. One aspect they certainly do not ignore is the entryway. Their mansion doors are meant to draw the eye if not the envy of all who see them.

Why Install Mansion Doors?

While such doors are not for everybody, you do not have to be extremely rich to have one. At Nick’s Building Supply Inc., we offer a selection of what can only be termed mansion doors. They offer the homeowner the chance to provide the elegance and impressive character found in large and affluent homes. If you choose mahogany, you can provide that aura of exotic wealth and elegance.

Mansion doors have their appeal. For many people, these doors create a certain aura as they can be:

Mansion Doors

  • Impressive: such doors provide an exterior entryway that can make a lasting impact.
  • Dramatic: depending upon the door style, they can make a clear statement – sometimes contrasting with the architectural style sometimes adding to the effect with such characteristics as arches. An arched door always makes a dramatic and lofty statement. At Nick’s we add beveled glass to filter the light into the foyer. Stained-glass windows can also enhance the intense sense such a door conveys.
  • Inviting: mansion doors can be more inviting if made from such welcoming and warm wood such as mahogany.
  • Enduring: sturdy oak doors, for example, provide an impression of strength, durability and capability.
  • Security: mansion doors do not scrimp on safety measures. The right hardware will also assure your guests and family members that the door is more than just a fashion statement.
  • Curb Appeal: whether you plan to sell your home or simply want to improve its overall appearance, the addition of the right style of mansion door improves curb appeal.

It is hard to find fault with any of the above reasons. They all make the purchase of mansion doors appealing and practical over the long and short term. At Nick’s they are also affordable.

Mansion Doors?

If you long to create the allure of a luxurious lifestyle or want to adorn your home with a door that reflects your personal tastes or the architecture of your home, you should consider purchasing an affordable mansion door from us. At Nick’s, we provide your home with elegance and durability in the form of warm mahogany entryways. The style and the addition of appropriate hardware make our mansion doors the perfect way to make a statement while staying within your budget. Visit for more information.