3 Reasons To Renovate With Wood Garage Doors In Older Homes

Many of our clients live in older homes, or even historic homes, and have a lot of difficulty in completing renovations to both their home and their garage areas. This is because over time simple things like the standard size of wood garage doors has changed dramatically.
Today’s standard garage doors in many new homes are much larger than those of even a few decades ago. This is certainly true of custom built homes as well as for homes in subdivisions and even in rural locations.
With an older home and garage renovation, using commercially available pre-made garage doors is often a very costly idea. Not only will the door opening have to be resized, but this can then lead to a disproportionate look given the size of the garage. This doesn’t even include the fact that these standard doors may not coordinate with the style of the entrance door to the home, creating a disjointed or mismatched appearance.

Custom Made to Fit
The answer to these issues rests in choosing custom made wood garage doors. These doors are made to fit within your existing garage area and, with a range of different styles, they can be designed as overhead doors rolling up and down or carriage style doors opening outward.

Great Insulating Factor
With all the hype out there about different combinations of lightweight metals and new materials for garage doors, it is surprising to find the wood doors we construct are better insulated than the newer options out there. Our doors have R values of 7 to 9 even when made of lightweight yet durable wood such as cedar doors with spruce wood frames. In addition to their insulating factors, our doors are just as strong as any other material making them a durable choice.

Authentic Look
For an older home, and most particularly for a historic home, maintaining the authentic look and style of the original wood garage doors is often a priority. By working with our professionals in design and custom manufacturing, the doors can be created to preserve the historically accurate look while incorporating all the benefits of new designs and features.
Imagine how great historic or older homes look with rich, beautifully styled carriage or overhead wood doors. Add to this look an overhead garage door opener and you really do have the best of both worlds.