How Exterior Doors Add Style To Your Home

We pride ourselves in creating beautiful designs of exterior doors for all types of homes. This includes custom made and hand carved doors that are on some of the most luxurious homes and mansions in the United States and Canada to pre hung doors that are perfect for a new home construction or a renovation.
We believe that the doors to a home can do one of three things. They can make a positive statement about your home, your style and your preferences; they can be neutral and add nothing to the look of your home; or they can detract from the appearance.

All of the exterior doors that we offer are first and foremost designed to be functional. They are all built to last, including our custom made garage doors or our uniquely styled interior doors.
However, we also believe today and have since we started selling doors online in 1977, the functionality and durability doesn’t have to limit beauty. By carefully selecting amazing looking natural woods such as knotty alder, mahogany, oak, Alaskan cedar and exotic accent woods with top quality exterior UV stains and sealers, we are able to create doors that are perfect for any home.
Every home has a style such as rustic or Americana to a more Victorian look or completely modern design. Wood exterior doors can be ideal to blend into any style. They can be hand carved to create a definite first impression or they can be designed to be minimal and streamlined to match with the more modern, sleek and clean lines of new home construction.
This is very different than the doors that our customers are replacing. These doors, which are mass produced and put on hundreds of thousands of homes in the same city, really don’t send a message or add to the style of the home.
Curb Appeal
Whether you are planning on selling your home or living in it for years to come, having curb appeal to your property is important to most of our clients. Landscaping and upkeep is important, but so is having a front entrance that is unique, inviting and really represents your style.
Adding new exterior doors to the front of a home, patio or back entrance is an important way to get rid of an outdated, plain or standard door and move into something more stylish, unique and beautiful, adding to the overall enhancement of the home.