Caring For Wood Overhead Doors For A Garage

There is something rich, luxurious and beautiful about the look of wood overhead doors on a garage, especially if the rest of the home and the garage feature wood exterior doors in the same stain and style. We get a lot of people concerned about the upkeep of wooden doors, but this is really not the issue it was a couple of decades ago.
Wood doors bring together the look of the property with both an attached or detached garage. As with all exterior wood, there is some maintenance required to these doors, but with new technologies in stains and products it is very minimal under typical use and environmental conditions.
If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold or wet weather, you may be surprised to find our well-crafted wood overhead doors, when properly treated, are just as durable as other types of overhead doors. We use only specialized UV exterior grade stains to protect our doors from direct sunlight, and sealers to prevent moisture from penetrating into the wood.

Pre-Finishing at the Manufacturer
While you can finish your own wood overhead doors after they arrive, it is a good idea to have them pre-finished at our location. As mentioned above, we will use specialize exterior-grade UV stains and sealers. Our experiences craftsman will ensure the stain and sealer is properly applied and allowed to dry, literally creating a beautiful surface to protect the wood for years to come.
Even in areas where insects are a problem, cedar for exterior garage doors of any style is a great choice. This wood naturally repels insects that may be problematic, eliminating the need for any specific insect treatments for the doors.
Removing Dirt and Debris
In any environment dust, mud and debris can collect on or around the door, especially during storms. The best method to clean the doors is to use clean water to simply spray or wipe off the areas.
Avoid using any type of chemical or cleaner which may bleach the wood or discolor the stain. Oil or grease, which we know can be a problem in garage areas, is typically removed by using warm to hot soapy water and rinsing well. If the wood has been treated and sealed, the oil and grease will only be on the surface and will not have penetrated through to the wood itself.
You may, over time, need to stain wood overhead doors again, but this will depend on the environmental conditions the door is exposed to. Staining the doors can be done as a do-it-yourself project or you may want to hire professionals to complete the job and coat the doors again with a sealant to extend the life of the stain.