Ideas For Custom Interior Doors

It can sometimes be difficult to image how a specific door could change the look of a room, but we are here to tell you that a door really does make a difference. Doors in a home are functional, of course, and necessary for privacy, but they can also be a big part of the décor.
Choosing the right door for the right room is important for renovations or construction. We have our doors categorized by styles to make it easy for you to see the door and then picture it in your particular room. We also have customer support available to answer any questions that you may have about interior doors and where in the house they are best suited.


Not every home has an interior door to the kitchen, but there are several styles of doors that are a perfect match. For a very traditional look that is functional as well, a Dutch door is one unique option that we suggest.
These doors have a top and bottom half that open and close independently. Typically, there is a small ledge known as a butler shelf, which is on the top side of the bottom half of the door. These doors are real conversation starters and a great addition to a rustic or Americana design.
Dutch doors allow you to keep the bottom closed while leaving the top open for a bright open feeling and ease of conversation. With the bottom closed you can keep pets and children in or out of the area while still having the ability to see into other rooms, something that our busy Moms and Dads appreciate.


French doors, Shaker and Mission doors and panel doors in natural woods are relaxing to the eye and go with any décor. They can even have glass panels of frosted, reed or rain water glass to give privacy while still bringing light into the room. These same doors make perfect doors for a bathroom.


Single or double French doors are a great option for an office, study, den or computer workroom in the home. When they are closed they still provide light and the ability to see between rooms but also privacy to work, make phone calls or just relax. These are perhaps our most popular door and one that can easily coordinate with your patio doors for a great complete home look.
French doors are also a natural match for any décor. You can choose different mullion options for larger or smaller windows areas to change the look from the classic to a more modern style. If you want more information about French doors, or any of our interior doors, give us a call or email us, we would be happy to talk to you.