Elegant Mansion Doors – Dressed to Impress

There is something that is so regal and impressive looking about true mansion doors. We are often asked to create very personalized and unique custom and hard wood doors for our clients, especially for a custom designed home.
These doors are absolutely amazing and many of our craftsmen have extensive experience in working with us to create these one of a kind hand carved designs that are just what our customers have come to expect. We use only Sapele African Mahogany wood species for our hand carved doors so they are rich, warm and vibrant naturally, but adding a beautiful stain just creates that additional richness and elegance.

The Creation of the Hand Carved Door Design

Our custom designed hand carved doors come in several different styles with various options. Many people like the idea of just the door itself featuring the carving, while other clients prefer to have the carving extend to the panels on the sidelights.
Since we custom make all of our doors we can create just the look that you want. This can include detailed, repetitive types of patterns or a completely unique design in the center of the door.

The Custom Door Experience

Some of our customers prefer to design their own door, even if they don’t want to have it hand carved. For these customers we offer a full choice of any wood that is required as well as any type of glass, allowing you to make a door that is your own design.
Many of our clients that want a custom designed mansion door also want carving as part of the design. We can certainly accommodate that and have some beautiful examples of the doors that we have designed for our clients.
You just need to send us your ideas using our handy template order form found on our website. Then, our design experts will actually sketch out the door and you can then approve the design or talk to us about the changes you want. Don’t worry if you can’t draw and aren’t completely sure of all the details; we can talk to you, get some information, and then send you a sketch and work from there.
We are often asked to create mansion doors that feature a family crest or coat of arms, a monogrammed initial, or a particular themed carving. As we always tell our customers, if you can imagine it, we can build it, allowing you to get the perfect door for your home.