Tips For Choosing Patio Doors

Buying and installing new patio doors is a great way to give your entire home and yard a new look. With a variety of different materials, designs, and styles to choose from, you certainly have more options today than ever before, and we understand that these choices can be a bit overwhelming.


Making the right decision on your choice of new patio doors is something that you should really consider. You may want to simply stay with the same type of door, or you may want to completely change the look of the doorway to something more classic, traditional, or completely modern.


The Purpose


The first thing we recommend to all our customers is to stop and consider the primary purpose for the doors. Do you use them frequently, or sporadically, as a way to get in and out of the home? Do you like the idea of mostly glass in the doors, or do you want a different look with a combination of wood and glass?


Another important thing that many of our customers need to keep in mind is the need of additional security features for their traditional patio doors. With different locking mechanisms, including our 3 point locks and many other different styles, we offer a great balance between security and design, in order to satisfy the patio door needs of any home.


Opening Type


Patio doors can open in several different ways. There are traditional French doors and double doors that open from the middle outwards or inwards to create a very wide and large opening.


There are also by-pass doors or sliding doors that can be largely glass or a combination of glass and wood in a variety of different styles. You can have a traditional French door look with a by-pass door, which is a good option for smaller interior rooms and patios where a door opening in or out is not convenient.


Features of the Door


Many of our customers like the idea of clear glass for a beautiful view, but they also want a bit more privacy. If this is something you are thinking about, we would like to recommend a different glass option. We often combine clear glass with chateau styles, and we can also include iron work in the glass to create a beautiful design that is sure to add to the character of your patio doors.


The best option is to simply look online to find the style of patio doors that you like. Then, when you have an idea of what you want, get in touch with us. We can design the patio doors that you want for your home upgrade, or for the construction of your new home.